Mia Moglie

Dir. Ana Liébana

Selección Oficial | Mecal Barcelona 2022 Selección Oficial | New Filmmakers NY 2022 Mejor Dirección | Mostra de Curtas Noia


Mia moglie tells the story of Raul, a 19-year-old neighborhood kid who faces his first day as a delivery boy for a courier company.

Raul belongs to a family of low social status, full of debts and silence. His father is a dysfunctional man and his older brother Lolo, is a worker who despite his troubled past, survives with straightness and without regrets. The camera finds Raul in the fragile and lonely vital moment of leaving adolescence behind and struggling to accept his reality. Raul has never been given the space to ask himself what he would like to dedicate his life to, nor has he felt he has the right to discover it.

This way, frightened, full of insecurities and barely knowing how to hold the steering wheel, he delivers packages for the first time, like a little dwarf in a world of giants, trying to find a point of connection with the life he has been given, taking the first step to become a man.

16’ 59’’

Social drama

Adrian Luque
Antonella Pinto
Marco Marini
David Salinas
Chari Gutierrez
José de Vicente

Ana Liébana

Ana Liébana

Jorge Mosquera

Santiago Fuentes

Art Director
Diego Lillo

Hair and makeup
Mirella Nieto

Direct Sound
Amor Castro

Sound Design
Dani Peña

Juan Carmelo

Beatriz F. Kunst

Joan Phillippe Franco
Andrea Alonso